Drug Detection Dogs

A comprehensive solution to detecting illegal drugs

Helping to maintain a safe and secure drug-free environment

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Passive Drug Detection Dog teams are often used for screening people attending sporting events, arenas, workplaces, events, music festivals and many other environments.  

Whilst offering a high-profile service our aim is to minimise inconvenience to the public while disrupting the misuse of drugs.  

Our Proactive Drug Detection Dogs search for the presence of drugs within vehicles, buildings, hospitals, educational establishments, workplaces, licenced premises and any other areas required.

 This can be conducted by uniformed handlers or more discreetly, by non-uniformed handlers depending on the wishes and needs of the client.

All services are bespoke and tailored to the clients wishes

All handlers are qualified and accredited to NASDU Level 3 Drugs and undergo rigorous continuation training only on live drugs to enable them to maintain their high standards.  Pseudo drugs are not used by us in the training of our Drug Detection Dogs.



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