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Terrorism is a real threat to society in the UK today. There is a need for high quality security solutions which include Explosive Detection Dog teams (EDD).  The deployment of EDD teams provides a visible and psychological deterrent against the terrorist threat.

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Cerberesk Canine Services delivers high profile reassurance to the general public through the provision of EDD teams.

Our handlers are mainly from a Police or security background and have many years of experience in the handling of detection dogs.  They are smart, professional and reliable with training which enables them to work in high pressured situations. 

Our teams provide a versatile, mobile and real-time search and detection capability and are trained to a minimum NASDU level 4 standard. They receive continuous and comprehensive training for operational preparedness and comply with British Standards BS8517-2.

Teams are equipped for operational deployment through training in venues that reflect real-life situations such as arenas, stadiums, vehicles, shopping centres, schools any other building or area.

The EDD’s are exposed to a variety of environments making them resilient and ensure that the dogs are fit for the role required of them. All dogs offer a passive indication, generally a sit, stand or lie down, always ensuring safety.  The value of our EDD’s lies in their vastly superior sense of smell and thus, the ability to detect even the smallest of amounts of various explosives.  They are mobile, easily transportable and more versatile than any technology.

Cereberesk Canine Services are the holders of a Home Office explosives licence and we only ever train on “live explosives”



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