Tobacco Detection Dogs

Protecting society's health and economy, our tobacco detection dogs swiftly sniff out illicit and counterfeit tobacco, aiding in the fight against organised crime, terrorism, and the endangerment of our youth

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Cerberesk Canine Service Ltd are providers of Tobacco Detection Dogs.

‍ They are trained to locate and indicate the presence of both counterfeit and legal tobacco, whether that be in the form of packaged cigarettes or loose rolling tobacco.

Our dogs are trained on illicit tobacco products seized during Trading Standards Operations.

They are trained to operate in a variety of environments including shops, vehicles, warehouses, storage containers and hospitals and can also be deployed at short notice. 


Illicit tobacco can take on many different forms including illicit white cigarettes, counterfeit cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco.

The sale of illicit and counterfeit tobacco products is often part of organised criminal activity.  It is linked to illegal trades such as human trafficking and drug smuggling and t

There is also evidence to suggest that it funds terrorism.

It also undermines the legal selling of tobacco products and has a detrimental impact on the UK economy.

Illicit tobacco is often available at cheaper prices making it easier for children to start smoking and enabling them to become hooked at a young age.

We will work alongside government agencies and organisations including, Trading Standards, The UK Border Agency and the Local Authorities including the NHS.



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